At Avalon we understand the importance of getting your brand in front of your complete consumer base and this includes actively communicating and interacting on social media. In today’s technology-driven world, more and more companies and people are utilizing social media as a form of giving and getting news, staying current on trends, and researching consumer products. In short, if your brand does not have a social media component in place, you are not reaching an important segment of your available market.

Avalon’s social media programs include:

  • Establishing your brand’s presence on primary social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Developing a targeted program to increase and actively interact with your fan base
  • Utilizing Facebook ad campaigns to capture your audience and build your fan base
  • Creation of graphics mirroring your brand’s personality and voice
  • Ongoing and creative interaction with your social media community to personify the brand and develop loyal followers who regularly communicate with and support the brand

Stand alone social media programs begin at $1,000/month and can also be cost-effectively combined with traditional media or International Positioning services in a joint program.


Social Media Case Study – Kinn, Inc.

855.5% Increase in Exposure

Kinn retained Avalon to help brand and launch their portfolio of pet products. Kinn’s products include devices to help assist with the administration of medicine to dogs and cats. As the Avalon team ramped the PR program for Kinn, it quickly became apparent that social media would play a vital part in reaching the viral community of pet enthusiasts.

In September of 2013, Avalon implemented a targeted Social Media program utilizing Facebook and Twitter to begin the online social branding of Kinn while also actively supporting their growing retail base of veterinarian offices and pet stores.


In a relatively short program to date (9 months), Avalon’s efforts have resulted in key coverage in Woman’s World, Marie Claire, Men’s Journal, Organic Spa, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Shelby Report, Chicago Daily Herald and others. Most impressively to date, the Aronia and Superberries were featured on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal as “America’s Next Top Super Berry”. The company has also been featured on an online article that ran on the home page of Yahoo and generated over 1,000 sales for the company in a matter of days.

Avalon continues to represent Superberries and is actively working towards establishing the Aronia and the Superberries product line as a household name.

Social Media Key Components:

  • Development and implementation of consistent and creative posts
  • Timely response to fanbase inquiries
  • Cross promotion with veterinarians and comparable, but non-competitive brands
  • Trade show promotion to connect with show promoters and buyers/media attending the shows
  • Development, and implementation of creative to support a Facebook ad campaign with a $240 monthly budget
  • Regularly monitoring of Facebook ad performance to ensure a low cost per like (CPL). Kinn’s average cost per like has been as low as $0.11.
  • Cross promotion with bloggers and media cites to encourage coverage and exposure to new potential fans.


In six months, Kinn’s Facebook fans have increased 853.3% and the audience is responsive and engaged on a daily basis. The increased exposure has generated sales to veterinarians, retail stores and the website while the media coverage achieved via the traditional PR program has worked to drive consistent awareness in print and broadcast. By continually monitoring key metrics and posts/tweets that performed the best in terms of overall engagement and reach, Avalon continues to post similar, but unique, content designed to communicate with the fan base as they prefer and incrementally increase overall brand exposure to the viral community.

October 11, 2013 – Page Likes: 1,029  ||  April 11, 2014 – Page Likes: 9, 812

Increase: 853.55%