A key component of any PR program is driving media exposure! This is Avalon’s area of expertise. With established roots and contacts throughout the North American consumer and trade media since 2005, we pride ourselves on being in the know on the media influencers that can drive exposure of your product.

As a brand with established distribution, our programs will focus largely on pursuing and securing national magazine coverage within the verticals that your product line addresses. The balance of the program will be broken up to pursue and secure regional, trade, and online coverage.

Newly launched brands require a dedicated focus to the generation of trade coverage in order to solidify the product line within the industry. While generating trade coverage, we work to secure regional coverage and support of your existing retail partners. Progressively as the retail channel broadens and/or you begin selling online, we extend our reach into the national media.

Key Media Exposure Components Include:

  • Identification of target markets addressed by the product line
  • Development of key messaging
  • Development of introductory press release(s)
  • Consumer and Trade outlet identification including:
    • National Magazines
    • National Newspapers
    • National Broadcast
    • Regional Magazines
    • Regional Newspapers
    • Regional TV Programs
    • Online Sites and Blogs
    • Trade Publications
  • Consumer and Trade editor and producer identification
  • Ongoing communication with media targets to position the brand and products for coverage
  • Quarterly media ROI analysis showing coverage achieved and associated media value