Whether launching a brand, book or introducing a new product, Avalon’s expertise has effectively positioned hundreds of companies for solid and consistent growth.

Working closely with company management or internal marketing departments, Avalon develops and implements effective positioning strategies to reach the target consumer. In addition to reaching the consumer audience, our programs are designed to support the retail channel by promoting specific retailers within our clients’ key regions in order to move the product from retail shelf.

After all, it’s not just about that first purchase order, is it? Our goal as your PR partner is to support all facets of promotion and this includes strategic promotion to drive sales for your retail base.

Key components in our positioning strategy include:

  • Identification of tradeshows, expos and social media conferences for company participation
  • Regional support and promotion of the retail base
  • Planning and promotion of local events to drive grass roots awareness and positioning
  • Promotion of product demo’s, trunk shows and editor events
  • Planning and promotion of book launches and store openings
  • Product award identification and submission