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The Importance of Brand Awareness

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When people hear the word ‘brand’ many things may come to mind. It may be their favorite brand of shoe, or perhaps their favorite clothing brand. All of this is thanks to a thing we like to call Brand Awareness.

By definition, Brand Awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product.


Why do brands/companies need this?

Brand Awareness is very, very important and a defining factor in any products success. If consumers recognize a product, they are more likely to purchase, as well as recommend said product to their friends- which in turn increases sales!


There are two types of Brand Awareness: Top of Mind and Aided.

Top of Mind awareness is the highest level of awareness. This means that when a customer is in need of a product, a brand name comes to mind. For example, Person A asks Person B what type of detergent they like; Person B automatically says they really enjoy A+ Detergent. This means that A+ Detergent has reached “Top of Mind” Awareness.

Aided awareness is when a consumer may not be able to name a brand off the top of their head, but is able to recognize one brand name when multiple are present. For example, Person A asks Person B what type of detergent they like. Person B is unsure, so Person A gives him a list of common detergents. Person B then remembers that they enjoy A+ Detergent.


At Avalon Communications, we work closely with each client to develop compelling and consistent communication with the consumer media in order to increase brand awareness. We do so by identifying the best target markets for each product to ensure wide spread visibility. This visibility in turn encourages Top of Mind awareness and incrementally drives sales.


The Pursuit of Happiness (at Work)

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We all know that sometimes sitting at your desk day after day may get a little repetitive, therefore making work less fun- and who wants that?! Work should be a place where ideas come to life, where you feel relaxed and confident in your progress and ultimately a place that you actually want to wake up for in the morning.

The atmosphere at Avalon Communications is the perfect balance between work and play. We get things done, but have fun while doing so. Below are some fun ways to make the workplace a happy place.

Strategy Sessions

Sure, this sounds more like work than play- but they really work! Grab your co-workers, order in some lunch and simply have a conversation! Talk about your clients, their products, what you are working on now, or any questions you might have. Sitting at the same table and engaging in open conversation is a great way to brainstorm, and maybe even solve some problems! It is always nice to have a fresh perspective on ideas, and a strategy session solves just that (Plus it involves food).

Celebrate Holidays

The Holidays are always a fun time at home, so why not make them fun at work? Celebrate co-workers birthdays, have a Christmas party! This year at Avalon, we are having a Secret Santa! Having fun things like this in the office make the day a little less stressful and also show that your company really cares about you as an employee.

Make the Office Aesthetically Appealing

No one wants to work in an office that could double as a prison cell. Not only will employees be happier at an office that looks good, but they will get more work done as well! Some décor may be out of your hands- but even a simple tree at Christmas time can set a happy mood in the office.

These are just a few of the ways we like to keep it fun at Avalon, but at the end of the day it is about productivity and getting our jobs done. Keep in mind that the saying goes, “Work Hard, Play Hard” and not the other way around.

Hope you all have a FUN day at work!

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