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Top Social Media Trends 2016

Posted by | May 16, 2016 | Social Media | No Comments

This year, we were lucky enough to attend Social Media Marketing World for the second time, and it did not disappoint. For those of you who don’t know what Social Media Marketing World (SMMW) is, it is the world’s largest social media marketing conference that features hundreds of sessions led by expert speakers on a variety of social media topics like Facebook ROI, Strategy, Content Marketing and more.

Social Media Marketing World is one of the BEST conferences we have had the opportunity to attend, and somehow it keeps getting better each year. Not only is the event informative and up to date on all things social media, but they recognize the value of networking and provide attendees with the opportunity to listen and discuss with all-star speakers that are leaders in the industry on a wide variety of topics.

We learned so much at the conference, but have listed our biggest takeaways below.

SMMW16 Recap:

Live Video. In the Keynote sessions, one thing was made very clear—live video is King. By using live video, a company or brand seems more transparent, making consumers more likely to share and engage with the content. Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are in on the live video game and are making it even easier for consumers to use on both desktop and mobile devices. At the moment, Facebook Live is the most popular (and most effective) form of live video—and will give live video preference on fans timelines.

Influencers. There are many different opinions on the power and definition of a social media influencer, however when you combine influencers with live video, content can become viral, and your brand can not only gain enormous exposure, but the trust of the influencer and their following. To get the most out of working with an influencer via live video, use YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook Live or Blab.

Hashtags. You may already be using hashtags in your social media campaigns, but the key is to use them consistently and when appropriate. Branded hashtags are huge, and really bring together a campaign, so be sure to choose your branded hashtags accordingly—make sure they align with your brand, are easy to type and memorable. Once you decide what your branded hashtags are—use them! Include them in all appropriate posts and use additional related hashtags to gain a following. If you partner with an influencer, be sure to use their branded hashtags in addition to your own—this will not only expand reach, but it will benefit both the influencer and the brand.  

Top Platforms. The most important social media platform differs based on the brand you have and the content your audience is interested in. If you are not sure, try using one of the top platforms (which are all live video friendly)—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Did you attend Social Media Marketing World? Comment below with your biggest takeaways!

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