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Public Relations, Trade Shows and Social Media Oh My!

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Social media has become so popular that now companies may see their consumer base to be synonymous with their social media platform friends, followers or fans! This makes a companies’ social media presence all the more important when it comes to live events such as concerts, festivals, fundraisers or trade shows. At Avalon Communications our clients attend many trade shows throughout the year- most recently Natural Products Expo, Engredea, Global Pet Expo and IHA!

For many consumer product companies, a trade show is a chance to get their products out there and increase brand awareness among attendees. Another important aspect of a trade show is the way attendees communicate with both each-other and the social world- something that has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced society.

So, how exactly do you implement social media into a live event? We have listed a few key components below.

  1. Visit the Trade Show website.  Here you can see which social media platforms they use and which ones you should use for your client- FOLLOW THEIR ACCOUNTS.
  2. Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag! Create hashtags that use your clients name, booth number and trade show-provided hashtag (usually the name of the show) so attendees can easily search a hashtag and find your booth! Chances are the trade show tag will be trending and your client will gain even more exposure!
  3. Post Pictures. This is a two-birds-with-one-stone type of deal. Not only are you getting exposure for your client, but people LOVE pictures and are more likely to re-tweet, like or share your image (bonus if the Trade Show account shares it)!
  4. Interact with people. This is very important- at the show some attendees may tweet you back asking where your booth is, when they should stop by or even post a picture at your booth. They also expect an immediate response from the company- so be sure you are keeping up with the conversation.
  5. Content is key. If there is one rule you should keep in mind when running a social media campaign for a live event- it is what you are doing with your content. Always include the booth number and name of your client so no matter what attendees will know where you are and who you are.

These are just a few of the tactics we employ at Avalon Communications when it comes to maintaining a social media presence at trade shows- and we hope this serves as a building block to social media success!

What is your favorite platform to use at live events? Comment Below! Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!


How To Speak Social Media

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Social media is something people in todays society might describe as a “necessity” and on some levels, they might be right. Businesses are now catching on to this Facebook/Twitter/Social Media trend and it seems to be around every corner. Society is constantly using it to interact with the world around them and, in a way, document their lives. You hear words like ‘Hashtag,’ ‘Tweet,’ and ‘Post’ everywhere- so much so that there should be a language titled “Social Media.”


Many savvy techies already speak this language, as do teenagers and twenty-something’s, but for those that have been around since before popular gadgets started with an “i” it is a hard language to learn.


This will be a sort of “Intro to Social Media- the language.” It will decode words associated with Social Media and decipher their truly fascinating meaning.


Twitter: A social platform that enables users to send and read ‘tweets.’


Tweet: A ‘status’ message, if you will, that has a limit of 140 characters.

Reply: If you wish to answer a tweet, simply click the green arrow to answer, or ‘reply’ to them.

Favorite: If you really like someone’s tweet, click the star icon to “Favorite” it.

Mention: Symbolized by the “@” symbol, a mention allows you to tag people in your tweet and vice-versa.

ReTweet: If you wish to re-post someone’s tweet, click the “ReTweet” symbol.

Hashtag: Allows you to group posts together by topic or word choice, prefixed with the “#” sign.

Follower/Following: If you wish to be someone’s ‘friend’ on Twitter you can ‘follow’ them and see all tweets they post.




Post: This can be in any form (picture, Link, video, text) and is a way of communicating with friends. It will show up on your timeline as well as friend’s News Feed’s.

Timeline: Shows all Facebook updates and activities in reverse chronological order.

Tag: To mention someone in you post, you can tag them by inserting the “@” symbol before their name. You can also tag people in pictures or comments.

Like: You can “like” anything on Facebook by clicking the thumbs-up icon on the screen. (This can be Company pages, Pictures, posts, statuses, etc.) After liking, the action will show up on your Wall.

Wall: Area where you and your friends can post updates.


Although these are not all terms associated with Social Media (that would take many more pages) it is a great intro to the language. Social Media is constantly changing as is everything in today’s world and it is key to have a basic understanding of each platform not only for pesonal use but professional as well.


We hope this post helps with your understanding of Social Media and that you feel more secure in using it!


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PR 101

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Welcome to the Avalon blog where we will keep you current on all things PR and Social Media!

In today’s world of rapid fire communication, we are here to help you promote and extend the reach of your brand and products in order to reach your target consumer. But maybe you are new to PR and have no idea what it really is….allow us to present a brief tutorial. Or PR 101 so to speak!

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