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Client Relationships

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Relationships in life are important. Relationships in the Public Relations industry are even MORE important.


Many companies may realize that clients are important, if not key, to a thriving business. What they do not realize is that maintaining a relationship with said client is crucial. Sure, you may have landed the biggest client your company has ever seen, but if they feel neglected one thing is for sure- you will not be seeing them again.


Like many people, the client wants to feel in the loop. They want to feel appreciated, and know that their product (which they have spent countless hours creating) is in good hands. From a company standpoint, you should want to take care of your client and make sure they feel comfortable with how you are representing their product.


Here is where companies might get confused about client relationships. They may not know exactly how to maintain a continuous, happy relationship with their clients. Some think that an emailing a client once a month will suffice, others may not even think a follow up email is needed.


At Avalon, we believe that in order to develop solid, long term client relationships the following rules must be implemented.

  1. Keep them in the loop. Whether this is by email or phone it is important that the client knows what is going on with their product at all times. Not only does constant communication open the doors for a great relationship, but it gives both you and the client greater insight for future business.
  2. Be conversational. It is important to keep conversations business appropriate, but remember that clients are people too. Simply adding a “Hope you have/had a great weekend!” can greatly alter the way you are perceived by a client.
  3. Reply in a reasonable amount of time. The client has things to do and a company to run, so their time is precious. If they email or call you, try to respond quickly. Not only does it show that you care about them, but it shows you are dedicated to their product. how to backup iphone to icloud .
  4. Be positive. Even if things are not going in the direction you hoped, or moving as quickly as anticipated- keep your head up! Always find something good in the situation and communicate that to your client. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

If you ever doubt whether or not to check in with a client, just remember-not one company will ever say, “Wow, I wish I didn’t know what was going on with my product.”

By employing the above practices, Avalon clients can rest assured that their brand is in good hands, and will always be given the care it needs.



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