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Sharing is Caring

Posted by | May 30, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Everyone know the classic phrase “Sharing is Caring,” but how does it relate to social media? With the recent decline in Facebook reach, businesses that use social media are resorting to an age-old way of gaining new followers, the SHARE technique. By using this technique, fans can share content so it will show up in their friend’s news feed, who in turn shares the content again, and in no time you have a high fan engagement level, reach and even MORE fans!

Now for the catch—how exactly do you get fans and followers to share your content? It’s easy, just make the content interesting! (Okay, easier said than done). We have included a few tips below on creating ‘Share-able’ content.

3 Ways to Promote Sharing

  1. Viral Content. Fans LOVE video content—so why not give them what they want? Remember that viral video everyone was talking about with the (insert viral video topic)? If it relates to your page in some way, post it! Not only will this increase clicks on your own page, but your fans will share it with their friends, giving you a chance to score even more fans!
  2. Photos. Pictures make posts more interesting, simple as that. Not only are fans more likely to click on a post when an image is involved, but they may even comment with their own photo!
  3. Make it Meaningful. Whether this means inspiring your audience to join a cause or comment on a trending topic—if the post relates to fans in some way they will act on it. (Remember, this can go both ways so try to keep your posts positive)!

We hope these tips help your page reach its maximum potential! Have any more tips on creating “Share-able” content? Share them with us below! (Pun intended).


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