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Avalon Gives Back!

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Avalon Gives Back!

 At Avalon Communications we value the importance of giving back to the community and being based in Austin gives us many opportunities to do so! This week, we chose to help out at the CARITAS Kitchen in Downtown Austin, Texas.

First, what is CARITAS?

CARITAS is a non-profit that serves over 20,000 people each year whose opportunities have been diminished by poverty and homelessness. They serve households of all sizes, many being those of refugees, veterans, women and children. They work alongside each and every one of these people to increase their stability and self-sufficiency regardless of the clients’ past experience and future goals.

How did we help?

Every week day, CARITAS staff members and volunteers help prepare and serve lunch to those in need. This Wednesday, several of us at Avalon were happy to be a part of the CARITAS kitchen! We had the help of the wonderful CARITAS staff members as well as students of the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin to guide us through kitchen prep, food service and clean-up for 320 people. At 9 o’ clock sharp it was all hands on deck! We helped prepare the food, learned some very interesting kitchen facts from our knowledgeable mentors and in no time, it was time for lunch. The food looked delicious (and tasted even better according to those who came through the door) and the company was delightful.

How Can YOU help?

We know after reading about our experience at CARITAS you may be wondering what you can do to help. They are always looking for volunteers and it’s easy to sign up- follow this link.

This experience not only gave us a great opportunity to help those in need, but also bond with our co-corkers as well as our city!

Want to see pictures from our day at CARITAS? Check out our Facebook Page.

Where do you like to volunteer? Share with us on Twitter!


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