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How to Increase Twitter Followers

Posted by | May 04, 2015 | Social Media | No Comments

1.       Find Influencers. Influencers are people in a specific industry that have a high level of social media influence. These “social media celebrities” have the power to reach a specific audience, engage with them on a topic of interest and create content that is relative to a specific brand or industry. By following influencers not only will a brand have a great source of industry information and content, but also the opportunity to have this person interact with your page.

2.       Compose Thoughtful Tweets. Followers do not want to follow a page that only pushes a product or service. Mix it up a little with fun and intriguing content like photos, videos or interesting links that will grab the followers attention and encourage them to engage with the brand. Be sure this multimedia content is related to your brand or industry in some way as you don’t want to confuse your audience.

3.       Be Active. If you are not consistently active on Twitter, you will lose followers. Be sure to tweet at least twice a day and remember to interact with your followers by answering Mentions, Re-Tweeting their content and responding to Direct Messages. Followers like to know their tweets and questions are being answered, so try to keep your response time within 24 hours (if not sooner).

4.       Use Hashtags. The use of Hashtags helps increase visibility of a Tweet in followers news-feeds as well as categorizes the Tweet so it will be visible in Twitter search. When using a hashtag, be sure to keep it current with trending topics so when fans search or use the same hashtag, your tweet is likely to show up.

5.       Cross-Promote. Promoting a Twitter Page on Facebook is a great way to increase followers and leverage both fan bases. In addition, you can link a Facebook page to Twitter so Facebook content will automatically post to the Twitter news-feed. Learn how here.

6.       Twitter Ads. Increasing a Twitter following organically can be difficult, which is why we recommend using Twitter Ads to jump-start a follower base. Twitter Ads can be targeted to a specific audience which will ensure your followers are already interested in your brands product/industry and increase the likelihood they will become a loyal follower.

We hope the above will help you increase your Twitter following and gain loyal fans. Have any tips or tricks of your own to secure followers? Comment below!


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