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PR 101

Posted by | September 09, 2013 | PR Knowledge | No Comments

Welcome to the Avalon blog where we will keep you current on all things PR and Social Media!

In today’s world of rapid fire communication, we are here to help you promote and extend the reach of your brand and products in order to reach your target consumer. But maybe you are new to PR and have no idea what it really is….allow us to present a brief tutorial. Or PR 101 so to speak!

First, there are a few things that you need to have in place before taking your product to the media. These include:

  • A Program Timeline outlining your objectives for your promotion, angles you will be utilizing for coverage and a monthly plan of activities and outreach that will take place as part of your program.
  • A Press Release introducing your brand and product line. This important tool will be used in the majority of communications with editors and producers who might be interested in covering your product.
  • Contact Database or Target List identifying the editors and producers at consumer and trade publications and outlets. Without knowing key targets and establishing key relationships, the likelihood of generating meaningful exposure of your product within the media is very slim.
  • Media Kit inclusive of brand and product information, introductory press releases, recent news coverage and general company information such as location and primary contacts.
  • A Website…I know, I know. This may seem like a given, but believe me. There are products being promoted right now without a viable or functional website. In order for your PR program to be effective, you must first have a well-designed and functional website to communicate your company’s vital information. The website should include product information, retailer availability and any other information that someone interested in your product should know.
  • Social Media is really an essential part of communicating your brand’s message throughout all available markets. Brands should maintain an active and consistent presence on social media platforms in order to facilitate interaction with your consumer base. If you are not utilizing social media, you are not reaching your complete available market.

If you are interested in learning more about these key PR components or are ready to implement a targeted program, please contact us today! We would love to work with you.

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